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Open Source Solutions

Open Source Solutions

Businesses have achieved excellence using Open Source software’s since years.The open source applications are a better way to quickly start implementation to save resources and achieve cost effectively. Open source applications can be very handy only if they are implemented and customized properly, for this reason our specialized open source customization team makes sure that implementation is done according to the customer’s business requirements by thoroughly understanding the problems. Open source can give businesses an unprecedented opportunity to drive in the value.

Open source solutions have alternatives for almost every category of software. Open source software applications can provide greater choice, huge reduction in concept to implementation time and an overall reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO).

Benefits of using Open source software are:

o Cost-Huge reduction of development time and cost by well over 45%

o Modification- Huge flexibility as applications come with modification rights

o Enhanced Scalability- Open source applications can be scaled easily. With varied options it enables an organization to either consolidate and achieve more with less or scale up and achieve higher growth.

o No vendor lock-in - In a commercial application you become reliant on a single company to solve your problems and maintain the software

o Add-On- Easy availability of feature enhancements and quick fixes.